Angel Oak
Angel Oak — Dennis McNeely Photography
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Angel Oak is a tourist attraction located in Fenwick Crossroads, United States

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Tips & Hints

Charleston Parks Conservancy
The Angel Oak is thought to be one of the oldest living things east of the Mississippi River, so make sure not to climb on it or carve it...we want future generations to enjoy it as well!
Beci Markijohn
Beci Markijohn 7 September 2011
Such a beautiful place. It really puts you in awe.
Lauren 22 February 2012
Albino squirrel!!
Volvo Of Charleston
Volvo Of Charleston 3 February 2012
So beautiful!
Wanna See It All
Wanna See It All 7 November 2011
The tree is huge with limbs going everywhere. You have to see it in person to fully appreciate it. Finding could be tough, just have the right coordinates and trust the gps. Its free to check out
WannaSee ItAll
WannaSee ItAll 8 May 2011
You have to see it in person to fully appreciate it. Finding could be tough, just have the right coordinates and trust the gps. PS you are not allow to climb the tree.
Crystal Gause-Hively
Crystal Gause-Hively 4 April 2011
What a worthwhile trip.
Charleston Parks Conservancy
Generally, live oaks grow out, not up. The Angel Oak did both. This tree stands 65 feet tall, and its canopy provides 17,000 square feet of shade.
Nadja Jupiter
Nadja Jupiter 22 March 2010
I want to take some awesome pictures.
Christopher 25 November 2013
I keep visiting. Having lived 5 min away for 24 yrs I think that says something about how great it is to marvel at
Johnathan Randolph
Johnathan Randolph 27 May 2013
Angel Oak Road is a dirt road.
Cat P
Cat P 22 September 2011
Peter Lik, the photographer from the reality show "Middle of Nowhere," sold out his picture of Angel Oak in less than 48 hrs. The fastest sell out ever!! Justin Timberlake collects his work. AMAZING!!
louis dallara
louis dallara 14 May 2011
One of the seven wonders of the natural world
Theresa Burt
Theresa Burt 23 July 2010
Beautiful! You can not climb or carve on the tree but the size is worth the trip.
Christian Senger
Christian Senger 17 July 2010
The tree is an amazing site!
Misty Case
Misty Case 13 May 2016
Beautiful secluded spot. A must see if you love seeing the low country trees covered in Spanish moss. This tree will leave you in awe.
Beth Jordan
Beth Jordan 13 February 2016
Beautiful. Look around outer limbs for acorns.
Ruth Mettler
Ruth Mettler 1 November 2015
If you're undecided - choose to visit! You won't be disappointed and even if it's closed, you can still see from outside the fence.
Kimberly Spates
Kimberly Spates 12 July 2014
Mary Beth
Mary Beth 17 May 2014
Exceeded my expectations. One article that I read said that it is in reality three trees that have grown together; nevertheless, extremely spiritual experience.
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